Hip HopWhat is Hip Hop?

Is a combination of different techniques like, popping, housing and learning the latest moves seen on all the hottest new music videos. It is an entertaining form of dance, incorporating challenging routines and beats.

This program is a high-energy dance experience that is fun for dancers of all ages. It combines funky dance movements performed to trendy hip hop music. It is a refined form of street dance that is similar to the movements seen in music videos and the entertainment industry.

Hip-hop dance can be a form of entertainment or a hobby. It can also be a lifestyle: a way to be active in physical fitness or competitive dance and a way to make a living by dancing professionally.

Gotta Dance offers Hip Hop Dance Classes.

We will cover the basics of hip hop dance:

  • Locking
  • Popping
  • Funk
  • Some breakā€™n
  • Boogaloo

Each course begins with warm up exercises. A distinct pair of movements will be taught weekly and divided step by step with audio. Rap carries an extensive array of fashions, notably breaking, locking and bursting which were created in the 70’s by Black and Latino Americans.

What distinguishes hip-hop dancing from various other kinds of dancing is that it’s regularly freestyle in character and hip-hop dancers frequently participate in competitions – formal or casual, one on one dance contests.

We’ll educate you on all of the fashions produced back in the day by the initial boys and girls. We offer everything in this course! you get waving, taking, sliding, flooring, rocking, locking and much more.

You will also get training in freestyle dance. No previous dance experience is necessary for the course but you have to be prepared to challenge yourself.

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